Saturday, December 10, 2005


Hi everbody,

Well, my peace corps training has officially come to an end. Yesterday, all 40 of us swore in at the U.S ambassadors house. After 10 weeks, living with a host family, long days of language, medical, security and cultural training we all split up and leave for our respective sites throughout the country in two days. Some of these people I will see regulary, as we are living relatively close, but there are others who I may not see again until we all meet at our midservice training conference which will happen a year from now. As you can imagine, after 10 weeks of an experience like this together we have become pretty close. It'll be sad to see everyone go but I think we're all happy to finally get out there and do what we came here to do.

So I am going to the Province of Inhambane. I will be working at an agricultural school teaching English. It is a boarding school and I am living on campus in my own house. It is reed house with a concrete floor. A great combination as the reeds allow the air to circulate and the concrete helps keep the house cool. Whether there is electricity or not I'm still now sure. Whether I want it or not I'm not sure either. Part of me of course does, but another part of me is looking forward to living the next two years "sem energia".

Inhambane is the beach capital of Mocambique. So it looks like I'll be learning to surf and I'll be eating a lot fish.

Sorry folks but my time is almost up. I'll be sure to write more as soon as I can though. Happy holidays to all.



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